Xuropians are a lab-made sub-human race for Miraculous Knockoff.

Appearance Edit

They resemble humans that come in shapes ranging from lanky to hugely overweight. Their skin is off-white with red noses and freckles that come in any pattern. They have golden/blonde, or light blue hair depending on the location of their labs in a country: Golden in the east, blue in the west.

They usually have mutations if they're saturated in their specimen tanks for too long. They can have asymmetrical features (EX: Brooklyn's eyes), extra body parts (EX: Glendale's stomach eye), or protective appendages.

Abilities Edit

These abilities depend on their natural builds or mutations. They may only have one. For example:

  • Those who are lanky can have retractable limbs, while ones that are obese have "trampoline"-flesh.
  • Those that have bodies mostly covered in freckles, can let the markings glow in any color. (usually neon red or blue)
  • Those with extra eyes can see the future (usually for 20 seconds)

Reproduction Edit

All Xuropians identify as male-hermaphrodites, with completely functional parts. Any of them can impregnate or be impregnated. They may also choose to reproduce asexually.

Results of inbreeding can cause the offspring to be a "cluster" of flesh, hair and bones. Perfect offspring is extremely rare.

Trivia Edit

  • Instead of real names, They go by names of cities. (American or not)
  • Xuropians were originally named Goirs (Genetic + Noir)
  • Their accents are similar to those of French or Swedish; but with 'Z' or 'X' as consonant letters.

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